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A journey every christian shoUld take 

Continue your learning. Millions of Americans have now embarked on a shared journey to discover our nation's history of racism, its legacy of pain and exploitation, and a potential future of repentance, redemption, and healing. You're invited to join us on this journey.

hear from ibram x. kendi 

Here are selected videos that will let you hear the National Book Award-winning author discuss his ideas.

'How to be an antiracist' (18 minutes). An interview with Christiane Amanpour on her acclaimed PBS show Amanpour & Company.

'What's the difference between being non-racist and antiracist?' (51 minutes). Kendi speaks on the TED Talk stage.

'Why ending racial injustice would benefit white people' (12 minutes). An interview with host Stephen Colbert on A Late Show.

'Stamped From the Beginning' (15 minutes). Kendi speaks about his first bestselling book, a surprising history of racist ideas in America.



Ibram X. Kendi's antiracist reading list. From the New York Times, a list of sixteen books--classics, little-known gems, and recent masterworks--that helped to shape Kendi's own understanding and that can serve as "a stepladder to antiracism" for others who are eager to learn.

The Schomburg Center Black Liberation Reading List. 95 books chosen by the librarians at the world's leading institution for research into Black history and culture.


People and groups taking the same journey. Many organizations, both faith-based and secular, have committed to traveling the same road of antiracism that you are now beginning to explore. Here are links you can follow to discover what they have to offer.

Diocese of New York Anti-Racism Initiatives. Learn about antiracism workshops, the work of the Diocesan Reparations Committee, and the Black Presence project, which traces the experience of African-Americans in diocese of New York from colonial times to the present.

The National Museum of African American History and Culture offers a great assortment of learning resources for people and groups of all ages and at every stage along the antiracist journey.

Historic Hudson Valley has dedicated its resources to documenting the story of slavery in the North. Visit HHV's website and view "People Not Property," a powerful documentary that introduces adults, students, educators, and citizens to this neglected truth of American history.

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